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Kay Ledson 

Warrior Mom 

I have known Cindy Rella, for several years meeting her through my son Josh.

In 2017 I was in the final months of planning a near 5000 kilometer walk across America in 172 days. My walk time was “inflexible” due to US Visa Restrictions. I would need to walk in excess of 30 kilometers a day!

My small support team in the USA insisted I work with a personal trainer back in Melbourne where I lived, they wanted to ensure I was fit enough to make the distance!

I posted on Facebook that I needed a personal trainer to prepare me for this mammoth journey. Immediately Cindy volunteered, to not only train me but ensure I was prepared for most things mentally and physically, I was likely to encounter.

I might add I was 67 years old, overweight and had never hiked in my life!


"I can now say after successfully finishing the Walk I was totally naïve!"


It was not on my bucket list to walk across America, I was simply doing it because the “Universe” had instructed me too, I was basically on a mission to create change – failure, therefore, was not an option!

My training before starting with Cindy was walking the streets of inner-city Melbourne, flat, populated areas and with all the support I needed, especially water!

From Day 1 of training, Cindy adopted an extremely personalised approach, teaching me lots of routines that I didn’t need equipment for, giving me exercises I could basically go anywhere. Strengthening my body, especially my legs and arms!

I remember going to early classes on a Sunday morning, being a total failure because of my lack of strength, Cindy always encouraged me no matter how hopeless I felt.

Strangely one of the exercise routines Cindy focussed on, was balance! I would never have thought of that, but being able to balance and correct myself from falling formed a critical part of my wellbeing while walking.

Cindy found a Beach, stair, ramp walk for me to train on at least twice a week! This was a challenging course but after a few weeks my fitness kicked in and I was mastering the climbs, against all odds I was actually enjoying it!

On the third day of the walk, I turned onto a highway and I was faced with a three-hour climb, somehow I did it, it was to become, especially in my first month out, an almost daily occurrence. I silently thanked Cindy every day for making me focus on walking that steep beach slope…

Cindy trained me twice a week for nearly 9 months! Most of my family and friends were worried I wouldn’t be able to do the walk without injuring myself... Cindy was always confident! Thanks to Cindy and my chiropractor Simon, I completed the Walk in 172 days, although I suffered many minor injuries I only missed a couple of days of walking.

"There were days I could have easily given up, but without fail, I heard the voice of Cindy encouraging me to keep going"

I walked in temperatures ranging from 110 f to well below freezing, in some of the remotest loneliest parts of America. With 1 support person I walked alone most of the time, but you know I wasn’t alone, cos I had Cindy saying over and over again in my head, “you can do this Babe”!

I have no hesitation in recommending anyone to work with Cindy as their trainer. No cookie cutter routines with Cindy it's all built around her client! And she always gives 110%...

With much love and respect

Kay Ledson, Mother, Grandmother – Warrior Mom
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