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Collaboration with Simon Hikaka of My Wellbeing 

I met Cindy through a mutual friend and we began talking about training and competing. After discussing what I do as a shot putter and injury troubles that I’ve had or been having at the time, I was fortunate enough that Cindy offered me some assistance with movement coaching conditioning my body to not only help with recovering from past injuries but injury prevention and my general performance.


We have some core exercises that we do each session, but week to week depending on how my body is feeling and where my training is at Cindy works different mobility and recovery aspects into our sessions together.

Moving forward in our training together Cindy told me of a friend Simon who amongst a long list of things was great at training for power athletes and suggested we should go some training together also.


Now just a few sessions in with Simon I’m trying new things but also returning to explosive training that I’ve been avoiding following an ankle reconstruction, ruptured Achilles and hip surgery. This explosive training for power development is critical to my sport but I have been too afraid to do due to risk of further injuries.


Simon knowledge and experience allows him to set me up with programs that are going to push my body while being mindful of my limitations.


Currently I’m training with Cindy the day after I train with Simon, which is great because we work on recovery and getting my body moving again through the DOMS that happen after new and challenging training stimulus.

Both Cindy and Simon are amazing trainers who make it their mission to truly understand what my body requires and figure out the best way of achieving it is. 


Combine that with enjoyable sessions (maybe not how I’d describe it in the moment) that are impossible to walk away from not dripping in sweat and a sense of satisfaction in the work that has been done.

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