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By Felicity Stretch 

My son Thomas has cystic fibrosis and 12 months ago we were at our wits ends to try to get him (then 13 years old) focussed on managing this life-limiting chronic illness.


Unfortunately, we were losing the battle to keep him engaged and willing to take responsibility. 

In desperation, we felt that maybe by engaging a trainer/movement coach might just give him some goals and a focus which was not driven by a relentless medical regime. We needed someone who would work with Thomas, be willing to gain a background understanding of his CF but not be distracted by it.


Enter the fabulous Cindy (and Simon Hikaka at times). In the beginning, Cindy took the time to get to know Thomas but she also took the time to learn what having CF means and specifically understanding Thomas’ medical history. This way she could subtly incorporate necessary CF treatments and understand Thomas’ strengths and weaknesses.

Over the year Thomas has thoroughly enjoyed the twice-weekly workouts with Cindy. The sessions have not only improved his physical strength, flexibility, and stamina but also has given him goals and he has been rewarded for his efforts. Cindy has certainly been a major contributor to Thomas’ improved physical health and mental wellbeing. He continues to look forward to his sessions and enjoys Cindy’s flexibility, creativity, passion, and drive. We are so thankful that Cindy has become an integral part of Thomas’ health care team.

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