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Rick looking happy and healthy

When I first started this program I was 130kgs, blood pressure of 160/100 and suffering chest pains. Something had to be done else I wouldn’t be around to see my 40th birthday.


My good friend, trainer, and mentor Cindy mentioned to me this ‘Primal  Moves’ program from time to time before I started and always talked great things about it. At the time I thought to myself ‘I couldn’t do that it looks insane’ but thought one day after being invited numerous times ‘Sure! Why not!’


That first session was probably my most memorable. Out of a 45-minute session, I pretty much only lasted 5 minutes! It had shown to me how much I had let go of myself. I felt horrible and just wanted to go hide in a corner. It was then when Cindy approached me and said

"Its five minutes more than what other people on a couch have done’" 

At that point, I realised that she had a point. I took my first steps in beginning a long but rewarding journey. I had a benchmark set. I was keen to come back and do more.

By the 3rd and 4th sessions I was successfully completing each session, my fitness had increased and surprisingly to me, my weight started dropping. Within the first 12 weeks, I had already lost 13kgs and was on my way to losing more.


So Eight or 9 months on I am down to 107kgs with a goal of 100kgs to reach. I Exercise 5 days a week and eat as clean as I can. I have my reservations and thoughts about diets but respectfully each to themselves when losing weight. My blood pressure is now sitting at 128/75 which is dramatically lower than when I first started and I'm in way better shape.


Cindy has been the only trainer that has resonated with me on my fitness journey. Her guidance and movement coaching is realistic and forever grateful for her challenging me and making me accountable for my life.

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