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I have known Cindy for over 15 years. I first met Cindy back in 2000 through Karate; we trained together and also competed against each other. Cindy has always had an amazing drive for success, focus, resilience and has always shown a strong positive mindset through sport and other areas in life itself. Recently, I travelled to South Africa to compete in the World Karate Championships. Eight weeks before our departure, I turned to Cindy for some advice on some motivational books to read before the competition. Cindy was (as always) there to help immediately after I pushed the ‘send’ button on the message on my phone.

Cindy also mentioned to me that she was going to send me over some ‘special gifts’. I waited for my mail patiently. My gifts arrived. 6 purple #teamrella #yesyoucan bands arrived in the post with a very powerful, inspirational and encouraging note inside. I wore the bands every day until we departed, and I even wore them while we travelled and also while we were there. I read the note over and over again.


Competition day arrived. I need to pack my training bag in a certain way before I leave, and everything must be perfect before I walk out the door.

During the morning of the competition, my training bag was stolen from the venue in which we were competing in. I realised this a few minutes before my first match. I had nothing to compete with. I was devastated.

I got through that match and the subsequent matches. The next day it was the finals. I arrived back to the hotel and immediately sought comfort and support in Cindy. Emotionally I felt at rock bottom. Cindy immediately replied to my message. Cindy’s message was so powerful, positive, encouraging and the belief she had in me to get through tomorrows rounds was incredible. While I sat and read her message, it was almost like she was standing and talking right in front of me. Every word she wrote I took on board, and the belief I had in myself was beginning to build rapidly in my mind. Cindy was there for me at any time, whenever I needed her advice and support.


Finals day arrived. I had all borrowed gear; not ideal, but I couldn’t do anything about it. With #yesyoucan written on my hand, constantly looking at it and repeating the words in my head, after 5 matches and a final, I came home with the gold medal.


Cindy’s drive, focus, motivation and positivity to help others achieve their goals, her attitude is outstanding. Cindy wants to help and will always help when she is needed. She is an amazing person; she is a sparkle of light. I’m so grateful and appreciative of her guidance and I highly recommend her for anyone wanting to reach their personal goals. #teamrella #yesyoucan

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