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What others are saying

Cindy’s an absolute legend, what makes a trainer great at their job is care, compassion and experience and Cindy has these tenfold, a wealth of experience and knowledge highly recommend, if you’re starting out then start right and go to Cindy from the start 

                     ~ Sigourney Williamson

Amazing Cindy. I had back surgery in October 2017.! After 8 years of sciatica pain she Cindy has built my strength around my injury. The sessions are always fun with lots of alternative exercises which I have never done before. Cindy will always have your best interests foremost, she is kind generous human

                    ~ Andrea Kemp

I have been actively participating in Cindy's group training for the last 16 months, and have found her a remarkably effective and friendly trainer. She takes charge of the class in such a way as to promote team effort as well as encouraging each person to their maximum capability, whilst still recognising their individual fitness levels and goals. Cindy inspires others by her own determination and her "you can do it" attitude.

Last year I broke my hand, and Cindy would always encourage me to keep exercising and would find ways for me to still be able to participate in the group class in a meaningful way. She leads by example.

                      ~Doug Tombs

Before I started training with Cindy I was sedentary, had lower back problems, and anxiety. I was about to start a new job and wanted to build exercise into my routine. My aim was to improve my mental and physical health and six months on its working! I feel stronger and am pleased to be more active with my children. Having a personal trainer is a partnership, Cindy is a great listener and gets just as much pleasure out of my achievements. I’ve increased my training from 2 to 3 days a week, replacing a session of pilates a week because I find personal training is also more mentally engaging. I leave with a smile on my face, sweat on my brow and feeling good.

                         ~   Ros Mckay