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After two years in a steady decline of my physical and mental health, and the dig deep to find the courage to get out of bed but to also not stop trying to find that better feeling... 


On a short break in early Feb, I decided that I would book in for the very next day for one of the small group classes. 


And I was god awful and I could not talk or look at anything or anybody, I was ashamed and discussed in myself. 


And today 8 weeks on Friday and my life is so different. I bounce out of bed... I am getting physically and in turn mentally stronger. I can feel the shift in my body... slowly I’m going to get back to a place of peace for myself. 


I owe you in many ways my life as without your hub I really can not be so sure of my journey... 

you to me are a blessing and I am and will be forever grateful.. and I am not giving up I am going to keep striving and keep getting stronger. I am going to make me proud and then I hope you.


Thank you x

Strength training is vital for our bodie
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