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Available Services


Personal Training 

Whatever your goal is, our bespoke Personal Training will guide you in the right direction, focusing on where your body is at and what you want to achieve. 


Group Sessions

Our Group sessions are Bespoke programmed to include all fitness levels for overall  Health, Function, Fitness and performance for everyday life. We only allow six participants to ensure you get personalised attention, exercise correction and motivation from our coach in a social, supportive and inclusive environment. 

We use Polar Heart Technology in our group session as the most efficient and effective way to ensure you are training at the right level to achieve your health, fitness, and weight loss goals.   Every participant requires a personal Polar HR strap to attend these group sessions; this allows you to monitor your training in and outside of Rella's Hub.


Movement Coaching

Unlike Personal Training, we don't focus on how fit you are; we focus on how much movement you get into your daily activity.  An integrated and comprehensive approach requiring a unique skill set and knowledge base to encompass everything needed to move free from pain and dysfunction.
The focus is on the Quality of movement, moving with purpose to enhance how you feel and function and understand how your body moves, your mindset, and what is around to support you. in other words, a biopsychosocial approach to balance your Strength & Wellbeing.


Health Coaching 

Your ph360 accredited Personal Health Coach gives you the extra support to achieve your lifestyle goals. Designed specifically for those that need a motivator, accountability partner, wellness coach or health advisor, Personal Health Coaching makes your journey to health a team effort. If you’re feeling challenged, need specific guidance or simply find things easier with someone else, start your ph360 Personal Health Coaching today and get your health and wellness on track!


Recovery Sessions

Don't do the work, if you can't do the rest.

Recovery is the most undertrained part of anyone Strength & Wellbeing journey.

We use Normatec, Powerplate and Trigger Point tools teamed with movement to aid in your recovery 



With our extensive knowledge of movement, we work with all types of disabilities to help with their ability to move to increase their quality of life and independence within the community.

Kettlebell Sport Coaching

Cindy is a well-established Kettlebell Athlete having won 18 World Championship Gold Medals along with a number of world records.

Kettlebell Sport is perfect for anyone wanting to find something that has everything.

Kettlebell Sport is 

  • Strength/Power Endurance

  • Coordination

  • Core Stability

  • Cardio

  • Mental Strength

  • Whole-body activity

You will not only learn the different lifts, but you will also learn how to challenge yourself on the platform 

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