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Is your trainer qualified?

Hands up if you have ever hired a trainer at a gym or PT Studio and asked them if they have insurance or up to date with their Firstaid & CPR? What their qualifications are? Do they have Cert 3 & 4? or even a nutrition qualification and not just a module in their Cert training? Sadly the industry isn't regulated as much as you think it is.

Personal trainers legally don't have to be registered with a fitness body, it's only a recommendation. Sadly the industry is fraught with so many fakes and so-called experts!

In my 8 years, I have never been asked once if I had any of these things. the only thing I was asked tongue in cheek, 'Where is the closest defibrillator' that got me thinking and now I am saving up to purchase one for the Hub. I think all the training facilities should have one of these.

I have been criticised by other trainers of late for requesting that anyone working out of my facility is registered with Fitrec. It's a transparent registration that shows all the qualifications, insurance etc that the trainer has. Funny that those trainers criticising me would not produce their insurance or First aid certificates for me. One even said no your facilities insurance is enough to cover me and you know first aid.....yes! there are many that are working within the fitness industry that is not insured or even qualified to coach

So I encourage you to ask your trainer or coach, you pay a lot of money to hire a trainer, make sure you are getting what you are paying for, because if something was to happen to you, you may not have a leg to stand on.

Before you ask me here are all my credentials

I opened up Rella's Hub to be the change within the industry. I have seen and experienced too much that makes me angry at what people are willing to do to get your money, especially in the NDIS realm. We live by our values and transparency is one of those. We aren't perfect but you can be guaranteed that you are getting what you are paying for a qualified Professional Coach.

Be the change

Be your own Brave

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