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It's not right or wrong...just enhancement

Have you ever feel as though you were being picked on in a class or a Private session by an instructor correcting your movement? So many see this as you are doing something wrong and they are singling you out. I've seen a few comments on social media of late relating to this topic bagging their trainers for exercise correction.

We as coaches merely see a way to enhance what you are already doing to ward off injury and for you to get the most out of your session creating a stronger injury-free body. Why pay to do a class or hire a trainer in the first place if you don't want to be enhanced or be shown how to train effectively?

If I was you I would be more worried when an instructor doesn't come up to you to help enhance the way you are moving, unless you make it clear that you can't take constructive correction with your response towards the coach.

I remember very early on in my karate career a Sensei would always come up and correct me. I became very disheartened as assumed I was being picked on that I was no good, a failure. One of my senior grades was quick to tell me that I was so privileged that he was always spending time on my technique as it meant he cared, saw potential how he could enhance my ability.

From them on any time someone came up to give me advice, I would always take in on board. Having this perspective made a huge impact on my success in all my sporting achievements and life.

We aren't always perfect but we seek to better who we are and the way we move, your coach is trying to do the same.

Be the Change

Be your own Brave

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