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Taking 5 minutes for yourself. Declare that YOU matter

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Small things make Big change!

Rella's Hub became a reality this time last year when I purchased a lease on a Studio. My vision was always to have a studio that promotes health over aesthetics. Our focus has always been how you feel and function over how you look, reconnecting and understanding how your body works. Let's face it, there's no point having a great body if it doesn't work properly.

This time of year is challenging on so many levels, we are all feeling tired and worn out from a year that has been less than kind to most, then there are the many party invites, temptation of food and drink and the endless excuses we give ourselves for not moving making us feel sluggish, tired and cranky. I know because that is me! I live and breathe what you all go through, just because I am a coach and an athlete, doesn't mean I'm bulletproof, I am human too.

After Christmas we generally sit around in the food coma thinking what have I done this year, making promises to yourself that next year will be different. Then it starts, it's like social media has access to your brain and you start seeing promotions to lure the already vulnerable into signing up to challenges, spending money on packages that promise the world, before and after photos of transformations.

Your new year generally starts off all guns blazing, clocking up thousands of steps, running, swimming, biking, gyming yourself into a world of hurt, depriving yourselves of food, detoxing from everything. Before you know it January is over, your resolutions have fallen apart, you feel like a failure, and the year kick in and the same cycle starts. Sound familiar?

As this year comes to a close, I ask you to celebrate it for all the good and the bad it gave you regardless, even better celebrate the decade while you are at it. Looking back I'm sure there have been so many lessons, have you learnt anything from those lessons? Have thing stayed the same, are you on the same cycle year in year out?

Making a change in your life doesn't have to be hard, and it certainly doesn't have to have a resolution attached to it. Just set yourself some goal, big or small and make one small change. You don't have to go a perfect 100% all of the time, 10% effort can get you results.

It could be as simple as

  • Cutting one thing from your food intake

  • Going to bed 5 minutes earlier

  • Stop following 10 people or pages from social media that clog up your feed with useless babble that annoys you

  • Taking the stairs over the lift

  • Breathing for 30 seconds slowly

  • Turning lights off or switches that aren't in use to save power.

The list is endless, just start with one thing, before you know it, it will become a habit it actually. Pretty simple really?

Make an appointment with yourself for 5 minutes a day. Making time declares that you matter, it's committing to yourself. If you don't take that time, it will be taken from you. This I know, I gave so much of my time this year to others, I neglected my own strength and wellbeing resulting in a decline in my mental and physical health. I put others before myself.

That 5 minutes allows you to take action.

Just one tiny action can help break that procrastination or that "feeling stuck" Getting started is the hardest part. This is one of the reasons Rella's Hub has the cancellation policy to keep that action alive of just walking through the door, no matter how late you are. There is a purpose behind this.

  • Action comes before motivation

  • Action is empowering

  • Action is satisfying

  • Action is evidence

A simple action that can create a big change in your life.

All you have to do is start, the rest will follow.

Be the change

Be your own Brave

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