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Showing up

I can’t tell you how proud I am of this girl!

Rella’s understands how easy it is to procrastinate or find excuses not to train, tired, loss of motivation, family, friends, I’ll start next week.

Our cancellation policy was set up to protect you from yourself. I’m not after gym sponsors, I want you to put that value on your health and wellbeing. Its there to inspire you and motivate you to turn up no matter what, even if you only have 5 minutes left of the session, walking through the door is one of the most important decisions you make for your health. Most times if I can, I will allow you to stay and do the training as a reward for making that decision to show up.

Maree has some challenges and understandably finds it hard to find the time for herself. When you are a carer for the family whether it be kids, parents or even a sibling, finding that time for YOU is hard. The guilt you feel for wanting to give yourself time can be overwhelming, the thoughts that you are selfish for wanting to do something for yourself.

I know that feeling all too well, I am a partner, a dog owner, my father's guardian, and a sole business owner (coach, cleaner, marketer, accountant, maintenance etc) and add athlete on top of that. It’s a juggling act. When you give up the things that make your mental and physical health happy, everything else falls apart.

" I can’t stress this enough, it’s selfish NOT to allow yourself time for yourself "

Last night Maree was super late (thanks to traffic) she runs through the door in her work gear and says, “sorry I’m in my work gear, lets just train”

During her warm-up, she proceeds to tell me about the mobility work she's started doing, her awareness of how she’s standing, and eating better with the nutrition plan I gave her. My heart burst with pride, and she walked out feeling great with a huge smile.

Those small changes will make a huge impact on her life. You don't need to go big, changing one thing at a time can be all that is needed to start the momentum. Action no matter how big or small creates change

So take some inspiration from Maree, give yourself time for YOU

Be the change

Be your own Brave

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