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Find your Flow

Flow in movement is such a beautiful, peaceful place to be.

There is no visible tension, just motion and movement that looks effortless; even when the load increases, it still looks effortless.

Flow is where I am calm, knowing my body is not holding on, my breath and the body working together in unison, creating this synergy.

My flow comes when I am gliding through the water swimming, with no tension in my arms; my breath flows with each stroke, and surprisingly I swim faster when I am in the flow state.

My flow comes lifting a kettlebell repeatedly with my breath. Each movement has an inhale or an exhale without tension in my body. When the flow disappears, those kettlebells get real heavy quick!

Flow state is where you are present, not worrying about what has passed or what's to come. It's in the now. Now is where you find peace and happiness

I encourage you to find your flow in your movement and life.

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