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Inspiring Change

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

It is impossible to be out of shape unless your emotions, lifestyle and habits encourage it!

I understand the struggles of being out of shape.

The past nine months have made me look at myself, how I live my life and what I am willing to put up with, being my worst enemy for so long.

8 weeks ago I decided to take control of my emotions, lifestyle and habits, making a massive change to my overall wellbeing and ultimately, how I look and feel.

I felt like a fraud for so long. How can I inspire and encourage others to work on their health and wellbeing if I wasn't being a leader and working on my own?

My path of self-destruction was epic, emotionally eating and drinking all the wrong things, pushing my sick body beyond limits. I have years of ingrained hatred and loathing for myself of never feeling adequate; that is what society was projecting on me that I won't and never will be good enough. Even with success, I felt like a failure.

Dealing with emotional turmoil and letting go of attachment will always be a work in progress. I work with a professional who helps me with this; I would be dead without her. There will always be that voice that says "see I told you, Cindy; you aren't good enough." It's how I choose to handle it now that makes the difference.

It is not easy to make changes, but I can tell you it's harder to stay the way you are. You will always slip, I do, but I get back up and start again.

I didn't get out of shape overnight, and I am certainly not going to get in shape overnight. There is no magic pill or potion, just a choice to work on those three things.

So I encourage you to be inspired to make a change if you feel out of shape. Please don't put it off till next week, next year.

Start today for YOU!!

Create that life for yourself.

Courage, Freedom, Happiness

Be the Change

Be your own Brave

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